Photo of Changqing Liu

Changqing Liu

Professor, PhD Qingdao Technological University
Work address: Fushun Road 11 Shibei Qingdao 266033 China Work Phone: +86 532 8507 1238

Professional Bio

Education and professional career

  • Sep. 1993-Jul. 1997      Suzhou Institute of Urban Construction and Environmental Protection. (Bachelor degree)
  • Sep.1997 -Jul. 2001     Engineer, Liaocheng Water Group
  • Sep. 2001-Mar. 2004    Qingdao Technological University. (Master degree)
  • Sep. 2004 -Jul. 2007    Tongji University. (Doctor degree)
  • May 2007 -Apr. 2015    Associate Professor, Qingdao Technological University.
  • Jun. 2008-Sep. 2008,    TU-DARMSTADT.(Visiting scholar)
  • Oct. 2015-Sep. 2016,    New Jersey Institute of Technology. (Visiting scholar)
  • Apr. 2015 ~present       Professor, Qingdao Technological University.


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List of projects

  1. Young Outstanding Experts Award Fund in Shandong Province:Study on Characteristics of Substance and Energy Metabolism of Reversed A2/O Process. 2009~2012. (Project number: 2009BSB01472)
  2. The Major Projects in Control and Management of the National Polluted Water Bodies:Study on Technology and Demonstration Project of Efficient Phosphorus and Nitrogen Removal from Urban Wastewater. 2009~2012. (Project number: 2009ZX07210-008-003-002)
  3. The Major Projects in Control and Management of the National Polluted Water Bodies: Technology integration and demonstration on water pollution control and water quality improvement in Tuhai and Majia river. 2012-2015. (Project number: 2012ZX07203-004-006)
  4. Major Projects on Application Foundation of Qingdao:Study on Technology of Nitrogen and Phosphorus Removal by Ferric Enzymatic Activated Sludge. 2009~2011. (Project number: 09-1-3-1-jch)
  5. Industry research and development projects on Environmental protection of Shandong Province:Technology and equipment research on advanced sludge anaerobic digestion treatment of urban sludge. 2011-2014. (Project number: 2060402)
  6. Major Projects on Application Foundation of Qingdao:Study on Mechanism of Ferric Enzymatic Activated Sludge. 2014~2016. (Project number: 14-2-4-17-jch)
  7. Scientific Project Research of Shandong Province:Study on Technology and Demonstration Project of Nitrogen and Phosphorus Advanced Treatment. 2009~2011. (Project number: 2009GG10006014)
  8. The National Natural Science Fund:Reactive Nanostructured Membranes for All-in-one Photo-Fenton Filtration: Fundamentals and Applications for BPA and PFOA Degradation and Antifouling Characteristics.2017-2020.( Project number:51778306)


  1. Changqing Liu, Feng Zhang, Xuejun Bi et al., A Rising Aeration Device Used in Wastewater Treatment, Authorization Number:ZL201010262667.0;
  2. Changqing Liu, Xiaoshan Ran, Zuliang Liao et al., A combined method of thermal hydrolysis and ultrasonic pretreatment on anaerobic digestion sludge, Authorization Number:ZL 201210367542.3;

List of awards

  1. Second Prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award. “Nitrogen and Phosphorus Removal Technologies and Control Measures for Municipal Wastewater Treatment”.(Personal Award Certificate Number: 2007-J-231-2-06-R08)
  2. Frist Prize of Science and Technology Progress Award of Shandong Province.”Technology innovation and application on River Basin comprehensive treatment for Nansi lake” (Personal Award Certificate Number: JB2012-1-12-2-R11)