Photo of Cuizhen Sun

Cuizhen Sun

Associate Professor, PhD Shandong Jianzhu University
Work Phone: +86053186361928

Professional Bio

She got Ph.D degree in water treatment technology from Shandong University (2012), China, majoring in Environmental Engineering.

Her main research field is wastewater treatment and recycles; heavy metal contaminated water treatment by coagulation.

Teaching Skills: Waste water treatment technology, water purification technology, AutoCAD for Environmental Engineering.

Supervisor of 5-6 Bachelor theses and 1 Master theses every year.


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  3. Cuizhen Sun, Jinwei Qiu, Zhibin Zhang*, Taha F. Marhaba*, Yanhao Zhang, Wen Zhang. Characterization of Citric Acid-Modified Clam Shells and Application for Aqueous Lead (II) Removal. Water, Air, & Soil Pollution, 2016, 227(9): 298.
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  6. Cuizhen Sun, Jinwei Qiu, Zhibin Zhang*, Taha F. Marhaba, Yanhao Zhang. Coagulation behavior and floc characteristics of a novel composite poly-ferric aluminum chloride-polydimethyl diallylammonium chloride coagulant with different OH/(Fe3++ Al3+) molar ratios[J]. Water Science and Technology, 2016: wst2016290.