Photo of Margarita Skiba

Margarita Skiba

Associate Professor, PhD in Engineering Science Ukrainian State University of Chemical TechnologyDepartment of Technology of Inorganic Substances and Ecology
Work Phone: +380931664223

Professional Bio

In 2011 Skiba M.I. graduated from the USUCT and received a master’s degree in mechanical engineering with honors.

In 2014 received Ph.D in the Technology of Inorganic Substances.

Since 2017 Skiba M.I. is an Associate Professor and researcher at Inorganic Chemistry Department.

Teach the following courses:

  • Modern inorganic technologies in industry and environmental protection;
  • Chemical technology of industrial gases;
  • Chemical technology of noble and platinum metals.

Research interests:

  • Experience in the area of plasma discharges application for obtaining of inorganic matters with different composition, treatment of water and aqueous solutions;
  • Preparation of nanosized metal oxides from aqueous solutions under the action of contact non-equilibrium low-temperature plasma;
  • Preparation of silver and gold colloids from aqueous solutions under the action of plasma discharges;
  • Scientific basis and technology of water purification by plasma discharges;
  • Plasma technology for wastes treatment.

Dr. M. Skiba have got awards “The young scientists to Dnepropetrovsk region-2013” and “The young scientists to Dnepropetrovsk region-2015”. Dr. Skiba have got  the academic scholarship of the Ministers Cabinet of Ukraine during 2014-2016 years.

She takes an active part in the implementation of the state budget themes of Ukraine for the post of responsible executor “Development of technologies based on contact nonequilibrium low-temperature plasma in the chemical and nature protection industry.”

During the period of scientific and pedagogical activity more than 95 scientific and educational works were published. Among them: 1 monograph, 10 patents for invention, 31 articles in Ukrainian publications, 10 scientific publications in foreign editions (including 6 in publications in sci-metric databases, 2 Scopus), 7 scientific and methodical works.

List of publications:

  1. Pivovarov, A. A The use of contact non-equilibrium low-temperature plasma in the hydrometallurgical industry: a monograph / A. A Pivovarov, M. I. Skiba. – Dnipro: Accent PE, 2015. – 206 P.
  2. Pivovarov, А. A. Contact nonequilibrium plasma as a tool for treatment of water and aqueous solutions: Theory and practice [Теxt] / А. A. Pivovarov, A. V. Kravchenko, А. P. Tishchenko,  N. V. Nikolenko, O. V. Sergeeva, M. I. Skiba. V. Treshchuk // Russian Journal of General Chemistry. – 2015. – Vol. 85, № 5. – Р. 1339-1350. (Scopus, Web of Science).
  3. Vorobyova (Skyba), M.I. Formation of colloidal nanoparticles of silver from aqueous solutions of AgNO3 under the action of a contact non-equilibrium plasma [Text] / M. I. Vorobiovа, O. A. Pivovarov // Bulletin of the ChTTU. – 2014. – №. 4. – P. 39-44.
  4. Vorobyova (Skyba), M.I. Synthesis of nanosheets of gold from aqueous solutions of hydrogen tetrachloroacetic acid (III) by plasmochimic method [Text] / M. I. Vorobyovа, O. A. Pivovarov, V. I. Vorobyovа // Bulletin of the East-European National university them Volodymyr Dahl – 2014 – №. 4 (70). – PР. 39-44.
  5. Pivovarov, A.A. A study of the effectiveness of plasmachemically activated solutions in the leaching of noble metals from ore concentrates [Text] / A.A Pivovarov, M.I. Vorob’eva (Skiba) // Metallurgical and Mining Industry 2012 №. 5. – РР. 60-64
  6. Pivovarov, O.A. Kinetics of precious metal dissolution in plasma-chemically activated solutions [Text] / O. A. Pivovarov, M. I. Vorobyovа (Skyba) / Scientific reports of NTUU “KPI”. – 2012. – №. 3. – РP. 115-119.
  7. Vorobyova (Skyba), M.I. Quantum-chemical investigations of the reactivity of substances to stabilize plasma-chemically activated water / M.I. Vorobyova (Skyba), O. A. Pivovarov // Magazine of Advanced Technologies – 2013. – №. 2 (6/62) – PР. 50-55.