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Roman Smotraiev

Associate Professor, PhD Ukrainian State University of Chemical TechnologyDepartment of Inorganic Substances Technology and Ecology
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Professional Bio

His research focus during the last decade has been: the scientific principles and technological aspects of metal oxide technology, organ metallic compounds and mineral fertilizers (2001-2005); Development of the scientific foundations and new resource saving technologies in the production of inorganic substances and mineral fertilizers (2006-2010); Working out scientific principles and new technologies of thin inorganic synthesis, mineral fertilizers and resource saving technologies (2011-2015); scientific basis of nanodispersed synthesis of oxides and oxide compounds, which are structurally associated with polymers for composite materials (2008-2010); and the Physicochemical basis the process modification composite material by nanodispersed compounds Ti, Al, Ca, which is chemically precipitated from solution (2011-2013).

Worked as project coordinator in project CPEA-2011/10002 Development of three study modules in water management and technology for Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan harmonised with Norway (“Water Harmony”) (2011-2015).

He is the author of over 100 scientific papers and educational works.


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