Photo of Slawomir Kalinowski

Slawomir Kalinowski

Associate professor University of Warmia and MazuryDepartment of Chemistry
Work address: University of Warmia and Mazury Faculty of Environmental Management and Agriculture Department of Chemistry Plac Lodzki 4 Olsztyn 10-109 Poland Work Phone: +48 89 5233711 Cell Phone: +48 883146412

Professional Bio

Professional Bio:

  • Associate professor at the Universiy of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn, Department of Chemistry, Poland, since 2012.
  • Assistant professor at the Universiy of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn, Department of Chemistry, Poland, 1997-2012.
  • PhD on Warsaw University, Department of Chemistry, 1997.
  • Assistant in Laboratory on Physical Chemistry, Institute of Chemistry, Białystok Branch of Warsaw University, 1984-1987
  • MSc in Institute of Chemistry, Białystok Branch of Warsaw University, 1984.


Research interests and experience:

  • Flow analytical methods: development of detection methods, automatization of analytical process.
  • Construction of a system for electrocoagulation of wastewater.
  • Construction of electronic laboratory equipment – electrochemical devices: potentiostats, galvanostats, 3- and 4-electrode capacitance meters; quartz crystal microbalances, chemiluminometric detectors, flashlight reactors, sensors and actuators.
  • Electrochemistry of bilayer lipid membranes: formation, optical and electrochemical observation of the membrane formation process, ion transport through membranes, electroporation and electrostriction phenomena.
  • Equipment for fuel cells, equipment for analysis of ultra-low energetic bioprocesses.
  • 8 patents concerning flow analytical methods and laboratory equipment.
  • Lectures and laboratories: physical chemistry, general chemistry, analytical instrumental methods.


Original research papers

  1. Koronkiewicz, S., Trifescu, M., Smoczynski, L., Ratnaweera, H., Kalinowski, S., A novel automatic flow method with direct-injection photometric detector for determination of dissolved reactive phosphorus in wastewater and freshwater samples, Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, 190 (2018) 133.
  2. Vakh, C., Koronkiewicz, S., Kalinowski, S., Moskvin, L., Bulatov, A., An automatic chemiluminescence method based on the multi-pumping flow system coupled with the fluidized reactor and direct-injection detector: Determination of uric acid in saliva samples, Talanta, 167 (2017) 725-732.
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Books and book chapters

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