From 10th until 16th of December 2017, teachers from three Ukrainian universities (Ukrainian State University of Chemical Technology, National Technical University “Ihor Sikorsky Kiev Polytechnic Institute”, Cherkasy State Technological University) took part in a special mobility strand to The University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn (UWM, Poland,) in the framework of the project “Water Harmony. Erasmus + “.

The University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn is a major educational and research center in Poland. Currently, 27000 students, 600 doctoral students and 1,500 post-graduate students obtain the education at UWM in 17 faculties and 65 departments. In recent decades, UWM has undergone an intensive transformation. Thanks to the funds of the European Union, the scientific and technical potential of the University was significantly strengthened through the purchase of high-tech laboratory and scientific equipment. Now the main emphasis is made on the practical preparation of students and their adaptation to the future workplace through close interaction with enterprises, as well as the use of real industrial installations in the teaching processes.

The main purpose of this event was the exchange of experience between Polish and Ukrainian colleagues in training of specialists in the water related sphere. The range of discussed issues concerned the professional education (modern laboratory equipment, the organization of laboratory works and practical studies, student research) and the quality control of education (the system for assessing knowledge, the rating evaluation of the staff, the system for verifying student and scientific works on plagiarism). According to this the Polish colleagues prepared the program full of lecture classes, visits to laboratory and practical classes, excursions to public and private enterprises and institutions that are the bases of practice for students.

Particular interest of Ukrainian colleagues was established to the plagiarism verifying software. Such software is just beginning to be used in Ukrainian universities and there is not much experience of its use now.

Also, interest and discussion was dedicated to the rating and evaluation system of teachers for improvement of the staff work quality by financial encouragement or administrative punishment based on the results of the assessment. Similar systems exist in Ukrainian universities, but it is used, mainly, for ascertaining the fact of fulfilling the duties of a teacher. Also, big interest attended the practice of student surveys about the quality of education processes. In turn, Polish colleagues were interested in the practice of organizing the contest “Best lecturer” which is a common practice at the Ukrainian State University of Chemical Technology. The idea of a competitive selection of the best lecturers and farther giving of master classes for their colleagues was very positively assessed by the Polish colleagues.

It was interesting and useful meeting with the scientists of the Olsztyn Branch of the Polish Academy of Sciences. In frame of the meeting participants was familiarized with the research topics and was agreed about participation of graduate students from Ukrainian universities in an open competition for studing in the branch.

Were organized field trips for being acquainted with modern methods and devices for ecological ecosystems monitoring, in particular, monitoring of a water body conditions. Also was prepared interesting excursion to the municipal Wastewater treatment plant of city Olsztyn, where the participants were acquainted with modern approaches in the field of wastewater treatment, automation of the treatment complex and the recycling of generated waste.

In addition, within the framework of the mobility strand, the meeting was held with the founder and owner of the chemical company ChemProf, Dr. Michal Luczynski, who kindly agreed to conduct a tour through the chemical laboratory for the analysis of product quality and the production of environmentally friendly food additives.

In short time of rest, Polish colleagues organized sightseeing tours around the beautiful, interesting and festive city of Olsztyn, both, in its historical center, where Nikolai Copernicus once lived and worked, and in the city surroundings with beautiful lakes.

Roman Smotraiev,
Serhii Shmyhol,

SMS To UWM (December 2017)

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