The 10th jubilee project meeting of the Water Harmony  ERASMUS + was held. This time in Ukraine, in the Ukrainian State University of Chemical Technology (Dnipro). The project team has already become one family (participants call it “the Family of Water Harmony”), so the meeting was held in a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Although this can be explained by the fact that all actual participant of the working process was the rector of the host university, Alexander A. Pivovarov.

This time the main focus of the meeting was aimed at analyzing the implementation of the commitments undertaken by partners. The progress in the work on the disciplines “Water Management”, “Municipal Wastewater Treatment”, “Industrial Wastewater Treatment”, “Water Supply”, “Academic Writing” and “Entrepreneurship and Innovations” was discussed. At the moment, have been developed 90% of all planned lectures, reviewed and placed on the distance education platform of the Norwegian University of Life Sciences. In addition, two laboratory courses for “Water supply” and “Wastewater treatment”, consisting of 17 laboratory works, were also developed and reviewed.

The developed laboratory courses are provided with the necessary laboratory equipment. For equipment purchasing in project budget was allocated the amount of 270000 euros. At the moment,equipment was purchased at 262,554 euros (97.2%). The list of purchased equipment includes more than 40 items: spectrophotometers, turbidity meters, chromatographs, analyzers of oil product in water, conductometers, saltmeters, ionomers, pH-meters, analytical and laboratory scales, drying cabinets, thermostats, distillers, muffle furnaces, polarographs, fluorometers, analyzers of chemical and biological oxygen demand, oximeters, refractometers, mixers etc.

In the format of group work, the participants discussed the question “How to promote entrepreneurship among students, in particular, what could be done by the university and by each of the participants personally.” The result was a generalized in recommendation, which will be available soon.

The last day of the meeting was devoted to acquaintance with the university, where the participants of the meeting were able personally assess the project’s contribution to the development of the university: visited new laboratories for water technologies and held a meeting in the modern conference hall.

In addition to the main program, the participants of the meeting had the opportunity to visit the sightseeings of Dnipro city – the National Center for Aerospace Education of Youth n. a. A.M. Makarov, walk the historical places of the city and the longest seafront of Europe, as well as enjoy the beauty of the city from different viewing platforms and from the deck of a pirate schooner.

The staff of the USCTU thanks all the participants of the meeting for fruitful work and hopes for further cooperation in the field of science and education.

Will meet each other at the next and final meeting in October in Norway.

PM In Dnipro (Ukraine), 29.06-3.07.18

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